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Ken has been looking after my well-being for the last 13 years and the way he works has always taken my body to another level of connection and balance.  His intuition works like magic, helping my body relax.

I normally say he keeps my body in touch with my soul, every time.

Gilson S.

Kenji is a gifted master bodyworker and sublime healer.  His warm personality, exceptional techniques, extraordinary intuition and powerful energy bring about a profound healing to the body and soul.  I feel very blessed to have found him. 

Audrey P.

Ken is amazing.  He empowers people to understand the mind, body and spirit connection; and the effects of disconnection which can occur during the stressful periods of our lives. Understanding how these interactions can be impacted to work harmoniously, or in conflict, is a critical element he has helped me to understand and build on.

Everyone experiences challenges in life; but how we learn to view and address these challenges can influence the way we live our lives, as well as those around us, more than we might realise. Ken's way of guiding you in approaching these opportunities for growth is transformative.  Anyone who is looking for personal growth, releasing old conditioning, or resolving physical ailments which are strongly linked to old injuries or trauma, Ken is absolutely the practitioner for you.

Tami H.

Ken has an amazing ability to detect and treat muscle imbalances and restore a feeling of wellbeing. My body was able to deeply relax throughout the treatment, as layers of tension were gently released through Ken's skilful touch.  I highly recommend this style of bodywork.  It helped me to observe the holding patterns in my body and work with the process of allowing my body to let go.

Gill W.

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