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Resolving Chronic Nervous System Stress And Disregulation The Easy Way!

Do you experience:

  • Chronically tight muscles around the hips, lower back, neck and shoulders?

  • Are you easily overstimulated or overwhelmed?

  • Are you quick to anger or become fearful?

  • Do you require a lot of time on your own to regroup?

  • Do you have longstanding issues with fatigue, anxiety/depression, digestive issues?

  • Do you find your stress response can escalate quickly or disproportionately?

This may help ...

In the Somatic Workshops you will:

  • Gain a basic understanding of how your nervous system works and why you can't think your way out of chronic stress;

  • Learn the "Three Gateways" for direct access to your deepest relaxation response;

  • Practice re-regulating your nervous system using the body's innate intelligence;

  • Feel confident in applying this easy and effective approach at home.

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